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How to connect several microphones to a PC?


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Does anyone know what I need to have if I wanted to connect something like 4 microphones to a PC and record from all of them simultaneously? I'm guessing I need to buy some special hardware (though I'm not sure what it is called - microphone array?).



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ye you'll need a mixer you can find a 4 chanel one quite cheaply on e-bay but then it depends what you wonna do with the recording.

1. the recording that you take cannot be modified, so you cant change the timing if you don't like it

2. if you wont stereo sound you need to make sure that the mixer is stereo and that you sound card can take stereo.

3. if you wont to edit the sound for voice overs or your recording music you should record each sound buy its self so that you can later edit the flow of things in a sound editing package like adobe audition.

hope that was helpfull

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Thanks for the reply. I'm guessing the mixer would take inputs from the 4 channels and send it as one input to my soundcard.

But what I want to do is to detect which microphone the sound is coming from and thereby detect which direction the sound is coming from (assuming I know how the microphones are oriented).

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Well i use a Alesis Multi-Mix 8 this is mostly designed for music, if thats what you're looking to do. Has a great fire-wire interface i highly recommend it!


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You can just use USB microphones and a multitask recorder.I don’t see why you would need to spend more then $30 for four microphones, unless you are planning on recording a band, then you should get a mixer and good microphones.

I use a lot of equipment, to much to list but if it’s just a podcast or voiceovers then it’s not worth spending the cash because in all honesty once it’s compressed you don’t really notice for 96% of people’s content.

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