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Pineapple Juice 4000


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Greetings,  My apologies as I seemed to have arrived extremely late to the party, and haven't found a related discussion in search. I would like to purchase a couple of the Pineapple Juice 4000 battery packs, but am having trouble locating a source. I am also curious to know if they will work with the new Mark 7....



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Yeah those batteries are not easy to find. I did find one by accident with a gray case in a clearance rack of a Office Depot store once.

I have since moved on from them. In my opinion, they are a bit heavy. 

These are the batteries I us. I like them because they are lighter than the Juice, plus can recharge by sunlight)

Hope putting a link is not discouraged. (If not aloud by Admin, I will delete this post)


Amazon.com: Power Bank Soxono Solar Charger 30000 mAh, Slimmest and Lightest Portable Charger, 2 USB Ports High-Speed Panel External Battery for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and More : Cell Phones & Accessories


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I was interested in this device. It's better than my old Powerbank. I especially like the solar charging option. I used ai upscale image to see the detailed specs on the back cover, but couldn't get it all. Do you have a photo of this Powerbank with its back?

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