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Connecting via USB-C ethernet


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Hi There,

One problem that I am facing is to connect the Pineapple Wifi to the USB-C ethernet port.

I am running MacOS Big Sur and I downloaded the USB Ethernet Driver and followed the instructions.

That all went well but I do not get any IP assigned from the Wifi Pineapple. This also not works when I start to install the firmware and choose the option to connect without Wifi.

I also followed the instructions for windows 10 and assigned the netmask manually on the interface AX88772C. Connection become green I can ping the IP, but I am not able to access the wifi pineapple. If I check the eth0 interface in Pineapple, a self assigned IP is configured.


Is there any one that got this working on a Mac Big Sur?

If yes, please share the steps.

PS: I face this both on v1.02 and the beta v1.10

Thanks !

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