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Problem with NMAP on KALI (Virtualbox)


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I m new to KALI and I have problems using NMAP on my VirtualBox. When I ifconfig I get the following result:


The eth0 has inet address: so when I nmap the IP, I get the following:


Also, when I find my IP for my device the IPV4 is:


So when I nmap the above IP: sudo nmap -sn, I get that all the 256 IPs are up.


My confusion is, In order to scan my newtwork what IP address I should be exactly using. Also, when i use both the wifi and eth0 IP the scan result is not proper. Any insight to my problem will be highly appreciated.



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Hey 🙂

Okay, first off, you need to be in the same network segment, and have your vm's set up right. So, on your HOST machine, the machines that running VBox, run ifconfig, and get it's IP, Note down the IP and mac.

Ping the router, and note down it's IP and MAC.

Set your vm to bridged mode, and MAKE SURE it get's an ip in the same subnet as your router and host system. So if your routers, your kali box should be in 192.168.87.x, and verify you can ping from the Kali box to the router.

First test, run an nmap scan against the router, and test the first 5000 ports.

nmap -A -T4 -p1-5000

If that works, and you get a result, try against the host you're running VBox on

nmap -A -T4 -p1-5000

For ALL ports, try nmap -A -T4 -p-

to scan all possibles machines, eg in 192.168.87-1 --> 192.168.87-255

nmap -A -T4 -p1-5000

I really would recommend you get the networks basics down, and try out what the different modes in VirtualBox do, and how they work before going any further, or else it's gonna be a long road ahead 😉
NOTE : Virtualbox sets up different network cards in your host, depending on what network mode you set, some times that's the problem, so try out the different modes, pay attention to what cards they set up, and verify who can ping who. When you get traffic flowing, time to play with NMAP :)


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