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Management AP keeps disabling


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I gotta say, the new MK7 has been troublesome to use thus far. 
My latest issue is connecting to the Management AP. Upon boot, everything works fine, can login to the Managment AP and do what i need to do.

But as soon as i start running recon scans, evil portals, or even handshake grabs, the management AP simply kicks me off, and disappears. I see my evil portals or spoofed SSIDs running and in the list of available networks, but i cant even connect to those either. I cant “unable to connect” errors on the spoofed ones/open AP, and Management AP just doesn’t exist. 

Only solution to this so I far is to pull the plug and reboot. 

I also continually have trouble accessing the outside web when connected to the management AP. It shows connected to my network, and i can manage the pineapple, but any attempts to load a site etc fail with no internet connection. This is is an on and off thing., Sometimes it works fine, and other times i just cant access the web through the management AP

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