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Hi, I have a MS-6738 (KM2M Combo-L) motherboard which has two DDR slots and 2 SDRAM slots but if SDRAM is used DDR cannot be and vice verser.I wish to upgrade the memory. Currently I have only 256mb of DDR-SDRAM PC2100 (133 MHz). I would wish to upgrade this to over 768mb.

Do I buy a 1gb of DDR for £42 and chuck away my current module or a 512 SDRAM for £37 (look here (so i would have 768mb of SDRAM).

To be honist i have been looking for memory for a few hours and every site i see they recomend a different PCXXX can any one please give me some advise .

:? :?



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that would be a good thing to do lol. But my main question was pretty much is there any difference in performance between DDR and SDRAM. Which one is better?



Basically you want to get 2 sticks of DDR ram (the same type and size etc) and junk any SDRAM you have in there. I'd got for around 1GB as a minimum.

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