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Updates on when new or exist hardware will be available


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Hi all I think it would be a good idea to be able to see when new hardware is going to be available as it’s been awhile now that it seems that there isn’t any stock of a lot of devices. It would be great to see a kind of Apple scenario where there is a pre order of an upcoming device or pre-existing.

That way the production and development of any upcoming device will be funded by demand and hak5 will be able to increase research and development of these devices in a more secure manner with a faster and larger order of products of the devices as they would clearly know the demand beforehand.

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The idea isn't bad at all. However, as the supply of components is a global problem at the moment, I guess that Hak5 can't make any promises and therefore they don't want to put any dates up or set up any preorder process. It would just disappoint potential customers even more. And we should all remember that Hak5 isn't Apple. In fact, small companies like Hak5 is last in queue as the big giants fight to get hold of components. Perhaps (if I was Hak5) I would put some text up in the shop about the situation, i.e. "Sadly we can't specify when items will be back in stock due to the current situation of global shortage of components" (-ish...) As I understand it, they not only want to get products back in stock, but also badly want to release new products. Something that is sadly not possible at the moment because of reasons mentioned.

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