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Rainbow Tables Issues


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The Community Rainbow Tables program was founded in the interest of the Switchblade, allowing people to be able to use switchblade and rainbowtables together.

Since then, we have formed a tremendous community and been able to come together to produce something great.

Unfortunately, I have had a lot of personal problems that have come up that have complicated my good intentions with the project, which I would like to share here.

I live with my parents, and I'm still in school. My schoolwork is one problem that affects my activity on Hak5. Many rigorous courses and drama to go through, and I still have plenty to do.

Another challenge is that my father took another job in another state. Technical reasons made our family loose money fast at his old one, and we are financially in trouble. We are now trying to sell our old house, and just made an offer and are on trip right now buying a new, cheaper one to live in.

Another challenge is that of college. I have really no savings to speak of for this. Although I am taking a year to accumulate whatever I can in scholarships, it will be hard to get.

Also there's the car. I need one of those, and insurance rates are insane.

In total, life's chaotic, and I can't afford to invest money into the Rainbow Tables program. We've been living without income since early January, and we really hope things are going to look better.

My responsibilities coming up are to finish school with good scores, help sell our old house without my father to help make things nice, move everything to the new house, get scholarships, go to college, and fulfill my requirements with private research of the influenza epidemic (leads me into a career).

Why am I telling all of this? I can't afford to sustain this program as it is. Bandwidth costs are high, and disk space requirements are increasing. I just can't spend the money on 500GB hard disks when we can hardly find money to live. Also, when we relocate, all of my servers will go offline for an unknown amount of time until everything gets moved. There will be no services at all for a while.

My search for a house has caused more problems, with going on vacation and both servers dying. No, I'm not an FBI person who creates a torrent to harvest IP's. I'm a normal person who has always been interested in community projects.

I don't mean to sound pathetic, or draw in donations, or anything. This is the honest truth about my chaotic life, to which i just couldn't sleep without figuring out a way to manage these problems correctly.

If anyone has any ideas on how, as a community, we can sustain this program, please let me know. I forsee that I will not have the time in the future to give to verifying tables by hand and buying new hard disks, and seeding torrents to people who are ungrateful of a free community service and script kiddies who want to one-up their school.

Feel free to reply here, or email me at either hak5rainbowtables@gmail.com or silivrenion@gmail.com . I sincerely look forward to any responses or solutions people can help with.



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I am sorry about your troubles. I do have some advice that can help you with your college expenses. Many companies will pay 50% or more of your education. Heck i think back in the day when I worked at Winn-Dixie as a bag boy, they offered it to employees. I then went to work for Home Depot...to which they paid 50%. To my current job which pays 100%.

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Perhaps a solution would be to decentralize it. This would probably require creating a program much like folding@home, however... have each node in the network be able to talk to other nodes in the swarm. This would be a big project of course, but it would enable the community to go on, without a central repository for the master rainbow table. Anyone who actually has the knowhow to do this can look at the gnunet project (gnunet.org) for ideas (or perhaps just base it on gnunet :P). Another program in development now that has some good ideas for using a P2P network for uses other than filesharing is okopipi (okopipi.org).

Just throwing an idea out

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