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Freenas issues


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Hey, hope someone can help me out.  If I’m in the wrong neck of the woods apologies if I am

Last week I got an error message saying bad sectors so replaced the drive. The resilvering process took over 100 hours. Then after a restart yesterday freenas started resilvering again. So I left it and this morning when I checked. There were now these error messages

1) ada7 2 currently unreadable 
(pending) sectors
2) ada5 2 currently unreadable 
(pending) sectors
3) ada3 ATA error increased from 4 to 

Ada3 is the drive I’ve recently replaced.

This is the status log
[root@freenas ~]# zpool status -v  
pool: J******  
state: ONLINE  
status: One or more devices is currently being resilvered. The pool will  
continue to function, possibly in a degraded state.  
action: Wait for the resilver to complete.  
scan: resilver in progress since Tue Jun 8 22:06:40 2021  
1.32T scanned out of 15.2T at 26.6M/s, 151h48m to go  
166G resilvered, 8.72% done  

Jarvis ONLINE 0 0 0  
raidz2-0 ONLINE 0 0 0  
gptid/4fd0edac-5eb8-11e5-8317-d050996490b6 ONLINE 0 0 0  
gptid/e0cc7676-18ed-11ea-b434-d050996490b6 ONLINE 0 0 0  
gptid/50aecb0b-5eb8-11e5-8317-d050996490b6 ONLINE 0 0 0  
gptid/934bee96-c498-11eb-b843-d050996490b6 ONLINE 0 0 0 (resilvering)  
gptid/51904b0f-5eb8-11e5-8317-d050996490b6 ONLINE 0 0 0  
gptid/5202b9d8-5eb8-11e5-8317-d050996490b6 ONLINE 0 0 0  
gptid/5275d7e4-5eb8-11e5-8317-d050996490b6 ONLINE 0 0 0  
gptid/52ee6b39-5eb8-11e5-8317-d050996490b6 ONLINE 0 0 0  

errors: Permanent errors have been detected in the following files:  


pool: freenas-boot  
state: ONLINE  
scan: scrub repaired 0 in 0h3m with 0 errors on Fri Jun 4 03:48:35 2021  

freenas-boot ONLINE 0 0 0  
gptid/a6612988-8d5e-11e6-aa3b-d050996490b6 ONLINE 0 0 0  

errors: No known data errors  

System spec 
Freenas 9.10.2-U6 (booting from usb stick)
CPU intel atom c2750 2.4GHz
ECC Ram 32711MB
8 WD Red 3TB HDD

Any help would be greatly appreciated 
Thanks in advance

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