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WC3 touch screen table pretty cool ! ! !


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I love the idea! Its such a good concept. While the keyboard and mouse is a great tool, it is still quite limiting. Its kinda a shame they went with the top-down projection though, but i'm guessing the mechanics of the tables feedback system doesn't allow for rear-projection.


Check this out ^ This is something else really, its kinda like everything we've always wanted with computers. Real interaction. That photo sorting thing is beyond anything we have right now.

Now push forward several models and soon i think we'll get Free Space Interfaces. Want a keyboard? Just "draw" one with your hands and have it holographically appear in front of you. You could use 3D gestures to interact with your enviroment!

Good find $ynt4xe770r, carry on like this and we might have to revoke your card carrying n00b status ;-)

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