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Raspberry Nano Pack


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As the title says, I've built a small package with:
Raspberry Pi 4, WiFi Pineapple Nano and other stuff (not related to the issue).
The project is to create a compact package to drop in a location and use it remotely.
So far I've managed to setup the RPi4 to connect to a WiFi Network and then "call home" through a Reverse SSH tunnel (I can even use VNC through it) using NoIP.

The issue is with the Nano:

If I boot the RPi4 without the Nano plugged in, it connects to internet, the SSH tunnel and VNC are working. Then I can plug the cable in and use wp6.sh to share the connection and in this way is all working.
But, as I said, the idea is to leave it in a place, so obviously is not possible to manually plug and unplug the cable.
If I boot it with the cable already plugged in, the Nano jams something on the RPi4 Network Manager, so the reverse tunnel doesn't work anymore and I cannot take over remotely.

There is a way to solve this?
Like a permanent net-sharing instead of the wp6 or some other way?

I tried to do not raise eth1 at boot, but it is not enough. 
I really prefer not to disable usb power, if possible.

More info about:
I'm using this at home (no way I'm going to plant it somewhere and risk to lose a "money-combo" like that) and I totally can do every thing manually, but I just want to get it working, as personal satisfaction. I'm not an expert and I'm not a pentester. I just like to learn and try, but with this one I'm stuck.

Thanks for any suggestion

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Just implement the relevant parts of what the wp6.sh script does when it comes to ipv4 forwarding, iptables and route (i.e. make sure it happens on every boot). Or... why not let the Nano be the "main player" and let the Nano connect to the WiFi AP and establish a reverse way into it, then let the RPi connect to the Nano as a client. You still have access to both the Nano and the RPi and can most likely do whatever you have planned for the RPi (with the WiFi NIC of the RPi free to use). Possible to connect the Nano to a C2 instance as well for remote access.

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