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Cloud C2 access to Pineapple locally installed mods

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Are their plans to allow Cloud C2 able to access the locally installed mods on the Pineapple such as the ones highlighted below. I would imagine these mods are vetted by Hak5 before allowing the pineapple pull them down for install/updates. You can use the tools via ssh terminal but if there was a way to allow for the same interface access within the Pineapple tab of the Cloud C2, it would make it easier to not have to remove the config file every time you want access the GUI set up of the pineapple.


HTTPeek --> View plaintext HTTP traffic, such as cookies and images.

TCPDump --> Web GUI for the tcpdump packet analyzer tool.

Evil Portal --> An evil captive portal for the Wifi Pineapple.

Nmap --> Web GUI for Nmap, the popular network mapping tool.

Cabinet --> A simple browser based file manager.

MDK4 --> Web GUI for the MDK4 wireless testing tool.



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