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Screen Crab Question

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Well, yes and no... The screen crab can save either to local storage or to Cloud C2. The saved "live" stream will record up to a upper limit of 180 seconds due to a limitation in the screenrecord software. To get a live continuous stream to another device (such as a PC) you need to set up functionality that isn't a part of the supported features of the Crab. I've done some short and sporadic attempts to get it working and it works but not at all optimal at the moment. I can stream a local file to Twitch or a stream server of my own using ffmpeg, but getting the live stream is more of a challenge at the moment since the only way I've gotten this to work is pipe the output of screenrecord to ffmpeg with a result that is less than mediocre. Haven't found the correct device yet for the HDMI hardware output stream (the splitter). If I have more time in the (near) future, I will try to dig deeper, but I haven't got the time as of now. The OS of the Crab is rather limiting as well, which makes the work more of a challenge, but still possible of course.

You can read more about the standard functionality in the docs or on the shop page:



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