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USB MaxPower specification


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I connected the Mark VII to the type-c port of my laptop and checked the lsusb output, specifically the advertised MaxPower which is set to 200mA. 

According to the Mark VII specs it should have the 2A power supply, so I wonder if it can bring any troubles if my laptop decides to limit the current to the value of MaxPower=200mA? Or will it provide the 2A regardless of what is set in the MaxPower USB descriptor field? Or should I always use the USB power bank with the minimum 2A rating?

I've had issues with USB power limit on previous pineapple nano, and it would be nice to be sure which power supply works best. 

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You should go with a power source that is known to be capable of delivering the set amount of power needed by the Mk7. If you can't be sure about what your laptop can provide, then you can't be sure about how reliable the Mk7 will be. 2 Amps is 2 Amps.

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The laptop *can* provide 3A according to the USB-C specification. But the Wifi Pineapple requests only 200mA from the laptop, and according to USB spec laptop is not obliged to provide more power than requested by the device.

That is my question: why would not WifiPineapple request 2000mA instead of 200mA? Is it relevant at all? 

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I almost always use a power source that is able to deliver 3A, no damage this far that I've noticed and I've had mine for a while now and using it often (or at least have it powered on). The docs says 2A, so if you want to be sure, then go with 2A only. I seem to remember though that it has been discussed on Discord and that the Mk7 can't be "over-powered" since it only pulls what it needs from the power source. However, if you want to be safe and follow what the docs say, then be strict on using a 2A power source.

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