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Brute force android calculator vault


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I have an old samsung smartphone where i installed one of those fake calculator to hide photos but now, after years I can't remember the 4 digit pin to get in. 

As well as I'm not skilled with hacking is there a easy way to brute force the pin?

I mean, can someone help me telling me all I need and the steps i have to follow?

Probably is quite easy to do but I also don't speak english very well, so if someone could answer me in simple words I would be greatful.

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Any device that can emulate/simulate a keyboard, such as the Rubber Ducky, should be possible to use to automate it. There's a Hak5 video (or a series of 3 really) about brute forcing the screen lock pin on Android devices (not valid on newer variants though) that probably can be re-used.

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I guess it's possible to attach the phone to a PC using cable (in the case that you haven't got access to Rubber Ducky or similar device) and use adb, such as:

adb shell input text “0000”

and programmatically loop that up until 9999


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