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Run Itunes from an iPod


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ok, i this is only my second post but i have been a long time reader of the forums and a long time listener of the show.

my question is, Is it possible to run itunes (and the itunes library) from the ipod itself. space is not that big of a deal of i could have all of my music in a folder on the ipod and then also have itunes put it in its own special place. the main reason why im asking this is because i go from place to place for weeks at a time and i doint have a laptop. i also dont want to have to install itunes on 30 different machines and put my library on all of them.

thank you guys in advance for all of your help (and yes i already did f***ing google it)

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You can set your iPod to manual management from within your copy of iTunes and you will not have to copy the library on to every computer. You will have to use something like iTunes or Winamp to access the library however. I don't know if there are any tiny solutions just to play from the iPod.

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I think i could figure this out on the mac side since the .app could be on the iPod in disk mode with your music. Launch iTunes from the iPod and update the iPod. It would take a lot of disk space but i think it would work. I have heard of people doing this with just there music but not with iTunes and musc so i am not positive of how. Plus if it's one the windows side it becomes much harder since windows doesn't have the nicely packed applications and there are more rules on where you can run things from.

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