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Installing firmware from a USB 3 stick light sequence


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Hi all

formatted a usb 3 stick to ext4 and put latest update bin file in root, also created a config.txt  file and put it in root as well.  BUT I am stuck!!! I don't want to brick this thing but I can't find the process to update it using a usb????

 what is the light sequence to tell me what is going on?  Do I just put the USB stick in the USB port and power up?

any help would be appreciated

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first, thank you so much for taking the time.

second, YEP that's the install I am trying to do as I don't have a reliable wireless signal right now and I seem to remember that the PV can't pick up the xfinitywifi anyway. I might have misremembered that bit but I'm taking no chances 🙂

I did read the docs but it doesn't tell me if the firmware upgrade light sequence is the same. I "think" it should be as it's all done from rom on the PV but I don't want to brick this.

thanks again but If someone could confirm the light sequence is the same??

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