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What is the maximum SD memory size supported?


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Speed is most likely not anything to pay any special attention to since the microcontroller isn't super fast itself. The Ducky can "officially" at least handle 2 GB since that size is mentioned in the docs, but could be more than that. Haven't seen any upper limit though. Some users have said that they noticed slower performance when using larger cards due to the fact that mounting (or such related to boot) most likely takes longer time. It's perhaps difficult to get hold of small size cards nowadays, but keeping it as small as possible is most likely good. You don't really need large size cards since the Ducky encoded payloads never gets large in size. You need to use some alternative firmware in order to store something else than the payload on the card so if sticking to the stock Ducky firmware, you don't need large cards. I just put a payload on a 128 GB card and it executed as expected using my Ducky.

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