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Secretly remote control my pc on my home network from another state with rubber ducky?


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So a friend of mines significant other got relocated for work and is now not sure when or if they will be able to return home. When she asked her boss if she could work bi-weekly from her SO's new location and home they said no. From what she said her pc can be remotely accessed/monitored by her work. So I'm just wondering if a rubber ducky or something similar would be a good UNDECTABLE option for her to be able to work remotely without any IT people at her work noticing. 

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Why try to circumvent it if it's against company policy? It's not allowed. In any way, the tool to circumvent it must be in line with the tools that are used to detect something (in this case most likely location) and the Ducky (or similar) isn't such a tool, it's a keyboard. You need to get more knowledge about what protective measures that are in place to be able to avoid them. But, then again, it will breach company policy and doing this must be balanced against what the consequences will be. Getting fired? Fines? Getting a reputation/"trademark" of someone with a history of not following protocol? It's for sure a risk that someone should think twice about.

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Hi there...

So, you want to control you home workstation, from another machine, because your workstation at home is connected to a work network ?
If you asked, and got a no, respect that no..
Or, if the workstation is a laptop, take it with you, and ask for VPN access / Direct Access hookup in a roadwarrior setup. Everything else, forget it.

Being undetectable is not easy. All they have to do is check who connected remotely and they got you. Turn on the cam, if present, and they got you once again. Monitor keyboard strokes, watch network traffic.. etc etc...do I have to continue ?

And as far as the ducky go, it's an automated keyboard, not a Magic Unicorn (TM).

One solution would be to use some kind of remote solution, teamviewer is just one solution.
Remote Desktop you say, forget it. You would have to open ports in the firewall, not an option. I should mention that in the last year or so, attacks against remote desktop ports have gone up a couple of hundred percent due to the Covid-19 crisis, so every script kiddie out there is looking for remote desktop ports 😉

The problem is not getting access, the problem is keeping it invisible from the admin team, and keeping it secure. And, if you're doing something the admin team shouldn't know, ask yourself if it's really worth doing ?, and worth the risk ? A better solution is asking for VPN access, and take the workstation with you out of state. A VPN solution at the company, should allow connecting from everywhere, so it's after all, the best solution.


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