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Can You Drive The Police Car In Need For Speed Most Wanted?


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You can drive the police car, but you have to unlock it. If you want the cheat codes, go find them yourself. You really shouldn't have to cheat to get a cop car, just use your uber micro skillz.

I dont have a memory card for it yet so I cant save, I dont want to leave the gamecube on 24/7 so until I get a save pack, I will cheat, Once I get a save pack I wont.

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<_< this is a hak forum not really a game forum, specialy when ur resault can be obtained by google <_< this seems to have it but im at skool and filters are on, but its in the google snipit so http://www.cheats.ign.com/ob2/068/740/740897.html

Personaly if you ask me I think that a cheat if complicated enough can be a hack, that is why I posted it here

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