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Which antenna goes to which interface?

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I don't see a topic on this so does anyone know which antenna port goes to which interface?     I'm assuming it's 1/2/3 but is it 1/2/3 left to right or right to left if you are holding it with the USB ports facing down?

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Yes, I would also like to know this.  To add to the original poster's question, do  these assignments change if I add the 5Ghz module or other wireless USB adapter (to gain 5ghz)?  Is there a per antenna interface that could give you the SWR of the attached antenna?  I'd like to use different antennas (yagi, patch, dish) for different beam patterns.

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ok found this info in another post

stock config

Front side = USB ports + button
Left side = WLAN1
Back Side = WLAN0 
Right Side = WLAN2


I decided to move my antenna's to one side so it's easier to use inside a backpack.  Fairly easy to do, used a 1/4" drill bit by hand (as to not crack the plastic) and small wrenches to tighten the connectors.


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That's a convenient way of relocating the antennas. I decided not to alter the original case in any way so I 3D printed an alternative variant instead so that the Mk7 can be restored to stock. Looks almost exactly the same (as the picture) when it comes to antenna positions, but I added an extra "box" on top of the original case that lowers the antennas making it a bit more compact when it comes to height/length. In addition, I also added a bracket for my Alfa ACM external USB 5 GHz NIC so that it all comes together as one unit.

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I'm using a very short USB C cable between my "mini ups" (Voltaic V25 battery pack, which has pass through charging) and my Pineapple.  I got it here


Amazon has it listed at 0.5 length about 6"

seems like a good quality cable so far.  You would need an adapter to change gender.  I found these useful also


and these


all are working well for me.


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