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USB network card


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i had a look at that usb cardm

it doesnt say what chipset it uses so it may not work in RFMON mode which is what you need for wardriving with linux.

also it doesnt appear as though it can take an extension cable which is also essential to hang it out your window.

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Pure Networking 802.11g Wireless Mini USB Adapter "Compatible with all major operating systems; drivers included for Windows 98 SE/Me/XP, Windows 2000, and Linux®"

Looks very much like my Cable + Wireless dongle, it's probably the same thing if it's got a RALINK chipset...

It can take an extention cord and may even come with one. If it didn't, a standard USB extention would be absolutely fine.

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I have 3 different wireless things on my computer... Why? I have no clue.

My first is a wireless 802.11 b at 10mb/s not too great for online

Then I have a wireless card in my computer 802.11g at 54mb/s

And also a usb one that I got for free also 802.11g at 54mb/s

The card is my best, it's the only thing that retains a connection. Probably because I'm going through 6 walls and a washer & dryer to get my connection -_-

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