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exit status 1 error


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After going to recon and starting my scan i pick a AP then i start the handshake capture then deauth after the deauth option is ready to be picked again it gives a exit status 1. and that happens for anthing i click after that. what is exit status 1.

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Yes! What is this? I keep getting this out of nowhere and I have made no changes. I have captured 107 handshakes and cracked almost 90 of them, I made a post about it here.

I am confused as I have made no changes. And I cannot even find my handshakes but they are being captured.

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Use the firmware recovery found here

This fixed mine, but export all your handshakes and data because it will wipe it all. 

Now mine is just turning off after several hours even though I have captured almost 200 handshakes so far, so I love this thing. 

My suggestion: Reinstall the firmware from that guide, it's easy. Set it up again and that will go away, mine did. 

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