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[VIDEO] Tutorials for the Key Croc


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RootJunkys Video Guides

I have created a bunch of video tutorials for the Key Croc. These video will hopefully help those of you on the forum that are having problems or just want to learn more about the devices.  Hak5 official docs on the Croc are amazing but some times its hard to translate them to real world use. I hope you guys enjoy these videos. 

 Introduction to the Key Croc Key Logger by Hak5


Key Croc key logger firmware restore and or Upgrade


How to Factory Reset the Key Croc Key Logger by Hak5


Key Croc WiFi Setup and SSH shell access


Key Croc intro to payloads and Nano editor



Key Croc Payload Windows Password Grabber and Num Lock error.


If there is something you guys would like to see covered in a video please comment below and I will see what I can do. 

Remember you can find the Official docs for the Key Croc here.


Also the latest firmware here.



RootJunky out. 






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