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Mark VII plugins


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I see that the plugins for the previous models are now obsolete. Why is that? The current plugin list is a bit scarce. I will probably get a few responses like "build your own plugins". Yes this is a possibility but I bought the Mark VII under the assumption all plugins still worked. My fault for assuming but still disappointed. Was hoping this would be an upgrade not a downgrade. 

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Some modules are for sure obsolete but not because the modules themselves are obsolete, it's because of the fact that the methods (or whatever you like to call it) are obsolete/not working as a concept. I see a fair amount of "yelling" about SSLStrip, but that hasn't been working for years in practical use. Try running it on the Nano/Tetra and see how efficient it is. That along with other modules for the 6th generation that probably doesn't work anymore even if they are in the "list". Without me knowing how the Hak5 crew has been working during the development of the Mk7, my qualified guess is that they went through the list of modules for the previous generation, made a strike through over the modules that had very little chance of working in a modern "victim" environment, built some functionality straight into the Pineapple itself that eliminated the need of some modules and then actually "migrated" some modules to the Mk7. That in combination with knowledge of how many modules that was actually being downloaded for the Nano/Tetra probably made a pretty solid base on what to push further to the next generation. Which ones of the modules for the Nano/Tetra do you want for the Mk7?

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I can't agree with you.

If you are making your product just for expert-surrounding of Silicon Valley - maybe you're right.

However, your stuff is working all around the world. There are so many places where WPA2 is not in use. Open wifi networks without separating clients, weak passwords, unexperienced PC users. Even smartphone is a part of luxury.

 So Karma, SSLStrip, Pixiedust, Evilportal, bruteforce, non-professional phishing - everything is still useful.

Think like your clients, not like your friends.

Give us more modules, pls. 🙂

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Then you have the incentive and driving force to start developing those modules, exactly what is needed to push community driven module development, if there's a need somewhere, there's need for a "product" (module), those that do not have this need won't put time in it though, so someone out there must take the lead if they want it to happen

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The recommendation to "developing those modules" yourself is appropriate.

But it could provoke the decision or more the question why someone should buy the Wifi Pineapple MK7 and no other device. Currently the Wifi Pineapple is limited by hardware and OS. There are three wifi adapters but no one talks 5Ghz. The OS is more limited than the others.  

 Everyone who is able to code proprietary pineapple modules is able to use completely self-constructed devices with less effort.

That could be the reason that the MK7 is on the market for months and no new modules appears.

I assume there will be no coding community in the next days. If there was a community it could be the risk that a next version of a device will drop off the past developed stuff again could scare off.


But anyway: I woul appreciate if I am wrong.

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I've got some tools like python scripts and popular Kali-software.

All this stuff is supported and well known.

Like https://github.com/drygdryg/OneShot

I've spend many time trying to automate all of this, and i have a result. Not perfect, but good enough. I don't think that I'm pro - so I'd like to get similar tools made by the true experts - hak5 team.

And I'm agree to pay $$$ for that sweet candy.

And your answer is - "repeat your way again  to help us. We are not going to do that for you, dude."





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