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I know this is going to make me seem the ultimate n00b...


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Hey guys.


After a (fairly severe) recent car crash with a nice head injury I forgot the set password for my Pineapple to manage via wifi. Every time I try to reflash to the original firmware (1.01, have yet to try newest release) I get the red light errors. 

I have the usb stick with the firmware file attached, press the buttons as directed, but never seem to get back to a setup screen, closest I can get seems to be connecting to the pineapple. 

I'm hoping someone has a quick answer with a link with some steps I may have missed, as I'd much rather have a quick solution to a problem that's not complex to a fully working mind. 
It's possible that maybe I have the default password wrong so please use the kiddie n00b gloves, I wont take offense, too much info is far better than too little.


***Not hugely related, kinda a PSA: but I'm SO GLAD I had multiple means of MFA for my Windows, Google, Lastpass and other very important accounts. A passphrase that had been second nature to me was completely wiped from my mind by a chance accident. Make sure you keep backups of important data, how to get back into your critical systems, and KEEP THOSE BACKUPS SECURE!!! Depending on how paranoid you are keep an encrypted text file on a spare disk, and if you've got a bunch of BTC wallet passes or your Master Passwords you might as well buy a nice cheap microSD, put your data on that, encrypt it heavily, and hide it somewhere only you have access to or would know about.

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