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Funky Crab


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I have a screen crab connected to a c2 VPS, but the crab will only connect to one wifi network, despite any changes I make to the config file. At one point I was able to use it with my home network, and the hotspot network on my phone. I plugged it into an entirely different test network today to do more testing and it worked for 5 minutes, and then disconnected. After that I wasn't able to connect it to any network. I went home and tested it on my own network again, but strangely this time, it only worked if I specified in the config file the name of the hotspot's ssid I had used earlier in the week, not the network it was actually connecting too. Does this sound like a defective crab? Any insight on this would be appreciated!

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UPDATE: I found it will accept the new SSID configurations If I let the crab boot up without an SD card first. It accepted the new SSID configuration upon putting back in the card and rebooting. I knew the problem would be something small like this 😅

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