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Ducky VID PID changer BIN file does not work

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I am adding the vidpid.bin file to my sd card that was created by the online duck tool kit; but the vid / pid are not changed. The only version of the firmware on the hak5 download page is 1.0-stable from 2011. Does this version allow for vid/pid changing via the aforementioned method? Where did all of the other ducky firmware versions go and why aren't they available on the d/l page? I haven't used this ducky in a while; so, I'm a bit rusty. My scripts are working fine; but I do not know how to check what firmware I am on (I only know it is not twin duck). Any guidance on getting this device to change vid/pid according  to the bin files i created with teh online duck tool kit would be very helpful. Thanks!

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I attempted to flash the 1.0-stable firmware to test; and i am getting this error when I use the flash tool: "Can't load jvm.dll".
I have the JDK and JRE path added to PATH; but I also place the jvm.dll file from both the JRE and JDK paths (because I don't know which one I need) in the Duck Programming folder one at a time and tried to run the program.bat <firmware_file>.hex command. I still get the same "Can't load jvm.dll" error. That doesn't seem possible. Tried as user and a CMD window as admin. No change.


My java is version 10. Do I need a specific older version?

Installed Java JRE_8. This resolved the firmware flashing issue. 

All I need now is to know which f/w version I need to support vid/pid changing via the online tool kit created BIN file. I confirmed the 1.0-stable f/w does not support changing the VID/PID via the online created vidpid.bin.

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9 minutes ago, kdodge said:

The source says version 2 

main.c: line 37, static char *vidpidFile = "A:\\vidpid.bin";


maybe try "USB_v2.1.hex"

Thank you for your reply! I believe the v2.1 firmware is a twin duck firmware. I am not able to use a twin duck in this situation. It must not be recognized as a USB drive or it will get noticed by monitoring software. The policies around USB drives are very strict in this client's environment. I need solely HID with no USB storage and with VID/PID changing support. 


Looks to be a twin duck f/w - UDC_DESC_STORAGE usb_dev_desc_t udc_device_desc;

Not sure if I am reading that incorrectly. The source in one other firmware lists mass storage and HID injection in the comments at the top. I am unsure if that will be listed in all. I will try this one in the lab and report back. thanks for your help!

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