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OMG keylogger cable


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I finally got around to loading up my OMG keylogger cable with the programmer. once i go in and set the SSID and password and connect to the cable i get the exact same interface as what i get with my non-keylogger OMG cable. I have been very careful to not get the two cables mixed up and am confident that i am using the correct cable. is there a link to the firmware for the keylogger cable? i would like to flash it with the latest firmware to make sure all is on the up and up.

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For those who stumble on this thread: 

all the O.MG stuff has a single url that points you at the specific setup info for any given product: https://o.mg.lol/setup


While the keylogger is under pre-release development, we are keeping everything isolated into the pre-release channels. 


Those little orange clips in the envelopes help visually tag your cables, as it sounds like you found out. We are about to release a unified firmware that works on all cable models so you don’t have to keep track of which is which. The firmware will just know! Then those little orange clips will just let you identify an evil cable from a normal one 🙂 

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The new v2 firmware is unified for all OMG cables (1 firmware for all cables) and is currently in beta testing with any owner who wants to use it. 

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