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Huawei HiSuite Encyrpte File Issue


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I recently damaged my Huawei P30 Pro and before sending it off to be repaired, backed up all of my data to my PC using HiSuite (which required a password in order encrypt my data).


The insurance company was unable to fix my phone so they sent me a Huawei P40 Pro as a replacement.


When I tried to restore my data using HiSuite to my new phone, it would not accept my password (even though I made it very simple and also had written it down). I called Huawei customer support, who were not helpful in any way, shape or form. They basically said that without the password I would be unable to get my data back.


I resorted to looking online for solutions and found an article I think may help me - https://blog.digital-forensics.it/2019/07/huawei-backup-decryptor.html


So I thought I would ask if anyone here could kindly assist.
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