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teh 111 stages in life


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teh 111 stages in life

Stage 001: (2-6)

V-Tech, yes V-Tech, whether you like to admit it or not, you all had some sort of computer produced in the nineties that was cutting edge technology for 1967, these computers generally had pre-CGA LCD screens that only displayed words and poorly drawn images.

OS support: the system BIOS


Stage 010: (6-10)

School computers, not the newest high end ones that the little brats seem to be getting which are better than some of the computers i have bought in the last 5 years, but the old school, Mac Plus, Commodore 64, and Commodore 4032. These computers generally were all beige and had EGA graphics.

OS support: win3.11, mac5-7


Stage 011: (10-16)

Personal Computers In the Home, the earlier and most affordable ones were the early Pentiums and in later stages Celerons, these sometimes still included 5.25 drives and, if you were lucky an optical drive with its own disk tray to be inserted into the drive. when you put the disk in it.

OS support: win95-2000 mac8-9


Stage 100: (16-25)

The iMac and the new PC, this era in a geeks life is generally simplified to Microsoft SUXXOR, but however, for the consideration of those without a choice to be had, i'll include windows in this stage as well. This stage is when DRM, DMCA, RIAA, MPAA, Net Neutrality, Trusted Computing, and FIREWALL, all began to have meaning in the geeks vocabulary, many of the geeks began experimenting with Mac on a serious level, and discovered linux and OSI, EFF, GPL, BeOS, BSD (the good, nonscary kind), and the other Open source things, this also encompasses the NT5.0 stage of life, and the use of Anti-(insert bad thing here) software, Warez and also PIRACY, and all of ITS goodness. The first online MMO Game is fresh in the memories of the people in this stage.graphix in this stage are generally VGA or WVGA.

OS support: Win ME-XP, Mac OS X, linux, bsd, solaris, et al.


Stage 101: (25-40)

VISTA, Core2 and XGA, you left using linux for you primary use, and now you have the money to waste on things you want, VISTA, your starting to spend less time reading PCWorld and spending more time watching CNBC, you use Windows, not because its the best, but because it has the most support, and you don't have to think about compiling you own libraries, fringe groups might also start using macs at this point, because, well, because you don't want to have to call Customer Support and heve them explain why you oven turns on when you tell you windows powered pc to shut down. your life is generally Sec Oriented. and you wish to go back to the Atari 2600 and Intellivision, or if you really like the OLD School Home Electronics you want Magnavox Odysee, but alas you PC is cutting edge like a ravor left under a pyramid, you run your Core2 Quad with your SLI-8800GTX and striped RaptorX 10k RPM harddrives over your Dual T3 Lines and talking to 13 year old girls on MySpace between battles on your [Epic Mount]. your life can be summed up in the phrase, w00t, 1337 hax0rs |2u13,

OS support, winVista, mac osx 10.4


Stage 110: (40-60)

You completely gave up on windows and now you use this:

OS support, MacOSWhatever


Stage 111: (60+)

You don't use a "computer" anymore, well not in the traditional sense, every thing you have has a computer in it, even your toaster, but you don't know the names of the operating system, you can't tell anybody how much memory it has, and you don't even know why you have some of the things you have, but your thankful for your smart fridge that tells you when your prunes are bad, and your automatic coffee maker that works on a timer, you use an HDTV but only because you can't get any analogue stations any more, your 22.2 home stereo system only plays NPR and classical music, you yearn for the days when you could get a skip-roll of California radio stations broadcasting at 50000kilowatts.

OS support, Home Appliance 7.9.132482395S-SE.

see: http://www.popsci.com/popsci/flat/hotf/phototour.htm

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