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I can't seem to figure this out (POWERSHELL)


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Hello, my friends ūüôāIm not from US/UK so I beg your indulgence..

I saw a cool topic about a method to create powershell payloads, so i carefully tried it out. 


Im using MSFPC(MSFVENOM PAYLOAD CREATER) to create a powershell payload on port 8080

Then i'm going to msfconsole. Here I was doing multi/script/web_delivery and was trying to set the payload to windows/meterpreter/reverse_https and http. That didn't work so i tried multi/meterpreter/reverse_https and http -> in both situations it came back with this "Exploit failed: multi/meterpreter/reverse_https is not a compatible payload." 

Then I tried with python payloads and it worked. I got a powershell command i could use in example a bash bunny payload, or just simply test it out by myself and type it winkey+r.. I also got http website over the specifed port that downloads the payload. 

The case is just that the python method is not what i want..  the python shell doesn't close after the execution is done and if u close it the meterpreter session dies. Unlike powershell injection where the powershell quickly opens and closes again. But the meterpreter doesn't close its session.. 


I cant insert this link to "insert image from url" - so here: https://imgur.com/gallery/5e17ezW

I cant understand why i cant do it like that. I have the newest version of msfconsole etc. 


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Here is the compatible payloads when set to multi/script/web_delivery

but as i mentioned "multi/meterpreter/reverse_http and https            aswell as           windows/meterpreter/reverse_http and https " doesn't work


  =[ metasploit v6.0.30-dev                          ]
+ -- --=[ 2099 exploits - 1129 auxiliary - 357 post       ]
+ -- --=[ 596 payloads - 45 encoders - 10 nops            ]
+ -- --=[ 7 evasion                             


Compatible Payloads

   #   Name                                 Disclosure Date  Rank    Check  Description
   -   ----                                 ---------------  ----    -----  -----------
   0   generic/custom                                        normal  No     Custom Payload
   1   generic/shell_bind_tcp                                normal  No     Generic Command Shell, Bind TCP Inline
   2   generic/shell_reverse_tcp                             normal  No     Generic Command Shell, Reverse TCP Inline
   3   multi/meterpreter/reverse_http                        normal  No     Architecture-Independent Meterpreter Stage, Reverse HTTP Stager (Mulitple Architectures)
   4   multi/meterpreter/reverse_https                       normal  No     Architecture-Independent Meterpreter Stage, Reverse HTTPS Stager (Mulitple Architectures)
   5   python/meterpreter/bind_tcp                           normal  No     Python Meterpreter, Python Bind TCP Stager
   6   python/meterpreter/bind_tcp_uuid                      normal  No     Python Meterpreter, Python Bind TCP Stager with UUID Support
   7   python/meterpreter/reverse_http                       normal  No     Python Meterpreter, Python Reverse HTTP Stager
   8   python/meterpreter/reverse_https                      normal  No     Python Meterpreter, Python Reverse HTTPS Stager
   9   python/meterpreter/reverse_tcp                        normal  No     Python Meterpreter, Python Reverse TCP Stager
   10  python/meterpreter/reverse_tcp_ssl                    normal  No     Python Meterpreter, Python Reverse TCP SSL Stager
   11  python/meterpreter/reverse_tcp_uuid                   normal  No     Python Meterpreter, Python Reverse TCP Stager with UUID Support
   12  python/meterpreter_bind_tcp                           normal  No     Python Meterpreter Shell, Bind TCP Inline
   13  python/meterpreter_reverse_http                       normal  No     Python Meterpreter Shell, Reverse HTTP Inline
   14  python/meterpreter_reverse_https                      normal  No     Python Meterpreter Shell, Reverse HTTPS Inline
   15  python/meterpreter_reverse_tcp                        normal  No     Python Meterpreter Shell, Reverse TCP Inline
   16  python/pingback_bind_tcp                              normal  No     Python Pingback, Bind TCP (via python)
   17  python/pingback_reverse_tcp                           normal  No     Python Pingback, Reverse TCP (via python)
   18  python/shell_bind_tcp                                 normal  No     Command Shell, Bind TCP (via python)
   19  python/shell_reverse_tcp                              normal  No     Command Shell, Reverse TCP (via python)
   20  python/shell_reverse_tcp_ssl                          normal  No     Command Shell, Reverse TCP SSL (via python)
   21  python/shell_reverse_udp                              normal  No     Command Shell, Reverse UDP (via python)


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