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Screen Crab Latest Firmware FW Version 1.0.6 ?


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On 5/2/2023 at 3:58 PM, dark_pyrro said:

What have you tried when it comes to setting up WiFi on the Crab?

Hey made an account for this post i just won one at a local event and can not get it to connect to wifi

I have tried basic troubleshooting:

1. placing the WIFI SSID and PASSWORD in the section with the other actionable text up top in the config file

2. correctly escaping out the SSID and password without double quotes

3. correctly escaping out the SSID and password with double quotes

4. creating the wifi autoexe file to test connectivity

5. checking the C2 server

6. deleting all data off the config file minus the SSID and PASSWORD section

7. re-booting, and

8. inserting the micro SD card when the device is powered on with the red LED on).

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1 hour ago, dark_pyrro said:

Did you try without escaping chars?

Did the ESSID and PSK look the same as in the config file? I.e. was the escaped chars included in the "report" file made by the WiFi diagnostics?

I set up a second ap with no special chars to test if i was doing it wrong 


yes it looks the same

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Try to insert a blank Micro SD card into the Crab and boot it up (don't do anything else than just let it boot up)

Power off the Crab

Remove the Micro SD card and edit the config.txt file and add the desired WiFi network config (just like you did the first time you configured it)

Boot the Crab again and see if it connects


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