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modifying evil portal makes my pineapple mark VII act strange.


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Good morning, I hope you can get help from the developers.

A few days ago I tried to create my own fake captive portal for a client based on cisco, copy the facebook-login files from the evil portal folder and edit them to modify the visual part since I really like how that portal looks, after activating it I began to fail the evil portal module, searching in the forum and thanks to the user M4R3K I was able to solve it through the command <ln -sfn modifying the symbolic links in the www folder since they pointed to deleted routes> however despite to solve that problem exactly, others arose, among them that the portal is behaving strangely, for example if I activate the starbucks portal, the design of the twitter portal appears but without images, and another strange thing is that whenever the pineapple starts the web server is active even though I have not activated it manually.

I already tried doing fimware reinstallation, deleting and reinstalling the module (evil portal) and also uninstalling the dependencies and reinstalling them and nothing works.

 Could someone please share the original files from the www folder and original pineapple/module/evilportal folder of pineapple mark VII without modifying with the evil portal or help me with any solution please?🙃

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Just a question? Where are you getting the portals from, there is a good script which downloads the portals and does all for you I will search to find it give me a bit 👍

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I downloaded the portals from this github project https://github.com/kbeflo/evilportals and also from this https://github.com/JonnyBanana/Netflix_EVIL_PORTAL however the problem that my pineapple presents is with the symbolic links that are they create in the www directory, which are created wrong or not modified and end up causing the evil portal to fail and the false Access Point working.

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