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Need to restart device to see updates in my module


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Hi people!


I'm not entirely familiar with this kind of device, and I'll be much appreciated if someone can help me out.

I started to write a module and encountered the next issue. I need to restart the device every time I install pkg or update my module files to see my changes. I'm talking right now more about Python files. I thought that there might be .pyc file somewhere that I need to delete, but I didn't found any.

What I'm doing wrong? Or restarting device is the only way? If so, it's really slowing down the process. 

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I apologise for not seeing this sooner, just came across it now.

The web interface will automatically start the module's Python back-end automatically, so if you want to debug it, I suggest you SSH into the device and kill it (use ps auxw to find the process) and then run it manually. This will allow you to restart it quickly every time you push an updated file to the device, as well as being able to see the debug output. 

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