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New user Pineapple Mark VII


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Hi All,

I am new to using this device, 

I have the field guide but it dose not cover much does anyone have any doco on how to play around with this device :)

Also has anyone had any experience with trying to Jam a drone, as someone in my area thinks its funny to fly it low over the house and i was wondering if it might be possible to see if i could make it return home by jamming its signal like when you try to exploit / pen test a Wireless AP.

Thanks again,

Bushranger ........

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Perhaps what you need is to identify what type of RF the drone uses or if it is Bluetooth and in which channel it connects to make noise on that channel, there are several techniques to make noise on a transmission channel but they depend on how they connect.

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Depending on the drone, they may use Wifi or a proprietary protocol. 

You may need to do additional testing to identify the frequency the communication system.

Additionally, I would be a bit wary about doing such a thing. The drones can cause physical harm if they end up crashing versus triggering a return to home event.

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