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openvpn client gateway without access server web ui

Aaron Outhier

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Hello, I have installed and configured my openvpn server in the cloud with this script: https://github.com/Nyr/openvpn-install

I have both my LAN turtle and my packet squirrel setup to connect to my openvpn server. It would be great if I could configure routing between networks.

I see there is info on doing this with access server, however, I have about 5 vpn clients, so the limit of 3 clients on access server won't work for me. Plus, I had already configured everything before I even heard of access server.

Basically, I have a LAN Turtle on my home network by itself, and I keep my Packet Squirrel with me (although it would be nice to be able to reverse that setup if needed). How can I setup routing to allow easy access to my home network on the go. Besides my Packet Squirrel, I have an iPad, a MacBook Pro, a Linux Laptop, a Windows laptop and other devices, etc. The Packet Squirrel is so I can connect my client's computers and access my network resources, without having to install and configure VPN software just to remove it again afterword. I am aware of the security concerns regarding connecting unknown machines to my network, and have those issues under control.

Is there an existing guide to set this up that doesn't involve OpenVPN access server? If not, can someone help me with this setup?

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