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5GHz with AWUS036ACM on the MK VII


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I have bought the AWUS036ACM as is being a while waiting for the 5GHz module for the pineapple MK VII and is a real struggle to setup, I have connected to it and seees the card however is using wlan1 for pineap instead of the wlan3 , so I have edit the config files around but can't see to get it quite right, also the light on the AWUS036ACM doesn't light up when in use so you never know if is working by siply looking at the led on the AWUS as the driver seems not to use the led on the wifi card. Is there anybody that could help me to set the pineapple correctly to use the AWUS036ACM on PineAP please? Thank you in advance

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On 1/28/2021 at 4:56 PM, Cybersloth said:

This is great news, but in which section in wireless (line 2 in the snippet above) does the 'option ifname 'wlan3' get added or modified ?, all the rest makes sense to me

Thanks in advance


1 hour ago, jess4140 said:

Have a look there ..
And to be able to it used for injection...Maybe  years down the road...

Don't get the 'option ifname 'wlan3' in that post , is it a line on its own or needs a new radio with more options to add to the file or replace the option ifname 'wlan1' line, is the only option that I don't understand how to add on etc/config/wireless, can you shade any light on this?

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