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.kismet log files (conversion to kml)?


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I was curious if any can point me in the direction of some instructions on converting .kismet files into KML format for the sake of mapping with Google Earth. Previous versions of kismet used varying types of logging file extensions of which there was an XML that appears to have been deprecated. So I guess I actually have two questions

1. Is converting .kismet to KML what I'm looking for if I want to map with Google Earth? (<- I might be outdated and there is a new process)

if not.....

2. What should I be looking for if I want to utilize a .kismet file so that I can see the GPS locations on Google Earth?


Appreciate any recent relevant information :) (keyword of recent as there is a lot of dated info that doesn't apply to the newer release of kismet)

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This is at least the most recent info that is available on the Kismet web site, I guess you have already tried that though, but it must be the latest "variant" of the way to do it since it's published there (and also updated on the 4th of Feb 2021, that is "recent" in my book)


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