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Help with rss newspaper.


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Hi guys, i feel really sheepish in asking for fear of being flamed. I've read a lot of the threads and show notes for the rss newspaper and well, being a noob i need some help.

i've run apache on my spare windows pc before had mysql installed and php and had e107 running without issues....so i have a little bit of experience in setting things up.

I've watched the segment over and over, paused the screens and check the paths that john uses...and i'm still confused.

I'm having issues getting the rss newspaper to work for me.

I've downloaded apache, php5, the code from the show notes, curl, the doc2pdf and nircmd.


1. Have i got everything i need?

2. do i install all the applications to their default paths, if not to i install them to one folder?

3.If i install them to their default paths do i need to alter my batch file or any othwer files to reflect these paths.

4.Do i install index.php, css_2.css and news.php in my apache folder for eg c:apachehtdocs or is it easier to make a separate directory for the files..i know i have to alter the conf file for this.

I mentioned earlier that i had serached the older threads for help and some ppl had posted links to zips of their files to help, but these no longer work.

I'm not a complete fool but i do need some assistance with this and i've gotten myself completely mixed up and i'm posting as a last resort.

Thanks in advance.


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