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DNS answer RRs 0 for local net


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Dear All,

I tried to use my Pineapple Tetra ( version 2.7.0 ) as normal access point. So far so good. Almost everything is working, clients can connect via WiFi, get nat-ed and can reach the default GW on the LAN side and can browse the Internet. On the LAN side there is a DNS server (bind) which answers all the DNS queries. But finally I realised that some DNS query response frames are modified by the Tetra box. And these are those answers which query an address for the LAN address range itself. I run a tcpdump on both ends of the Tetra, on WiFi side and on the LAN side at the same time. I see the answer for a specific query from bind where I can read "answer RRs: 2" and this frame has an answer section with the right information. But when I look at WiFi side, the output passing the Tetra the same frame looks different. In the flags section Wireshark tells me "answer RRs: 0" and of course there is no answer section in this frame. This results in a fact that the browser for the client on the WiFi side does again the same query, and again, and again, and again and I can't reach any service on the LAN side using a DNS name. 

So something in my Tetra is modifying the DNS responses. But I could find where to turn a screw. Is there anywhere a setting for this or is it just a bug. Currently I have the followoing modules installed: Internet Speed test, nmap, Site Survey, SSID manager and tcpdump 

Any feedback and help is welcome. If I can support an other information I will help. 


// Hans 




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