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Shark Jack - couple stupid questions

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Hey-up community, new member there. While I am waiting on a birthday treat from my Mrs (yes, the gear), I am curious if someone is able to give me some clues on the following 

* Is anyone using the tool outside of 'pen-testing / scanning' scope? So to say, for automation tasks - batch jobs, backups etc?

* What are the additional server related options (to the 172.16 network) ? Am I right thinking that under the hood it has NAT running? Can you perhaps do a vice versa, so create a new interface such as a bridged connection to host - so it can access all local things on range 192.168.1.X, but not range 172.16.24.X? 

* If, say a Shark Jack OS in the 192 range hosting a local server, which is shared with a windows machine through Samba, Windows using a VPN (172.16 range) are you able, by forwarding a port (with similar to a powershell command -  netsh interface portproxy add v4tov4 listenaddress=172.16.24.X listenport=1234 connectaddress=192.168.1.X connectport=80) share your server on port 80? Or, in other words, you can use Arming mode, by not necessarily plugging to your PC / Laptop

* What partition is being used? I mean is it possible you can modify the partition tables & use another Linux OS (from SD Bootable from RAM) without the actual need to restart the machine?


Apologies if not everything makes sense, I am actually rubbish in network engineering / sysadmin (I work as a web developer), all advice is appreciated.


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I think you are misunderstanding what the SharkJack is.. It's a tiny OpenWRT box with a 5-15 min battery.. It only has about 27MB of free space to store Payloads on so you're pretty limited to the extent of the device.

There's a bunch of tools, Payloads and opinions on the forums and GitHubs. 


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