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Can't auth to hotel captive portal?

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We are staying at a hotel this weekend.  Since the wifi is free for 2 devices per room and the family has more than that I wanted to use my Mark VII as a gateway.  I can connect my laptop to the firewall ( code is room+lastname of course ) it's working but if I connect to my Management IP on my pineapple and tell it to connect to the Hotel, it fails.  I can't tell it to connect then tell my laptop (or phone) to connect through it and set the auth either.



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I wouldn't use the Mk7 in such scenarios, it's not really what it's for. Depending on what "method" the open captive portal is using, it might be possible to spoof a MAC address of an already registered device. I.e. register on the open network with, for example, your phone. Then spoof the MAC address of your phone on the device that doesn't speak "open captive portal". It might work...

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I happened to have it on me, was going to use it as a NAT gateway of sorts.  I used to use my phone but if I leave the room ( e.g. go get coffee, ) it messes up the rest of my party.  I'm working on a rasberry pi to be a nat gateway/firewall, but waiting on more parts to come in.


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