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DNS Tunneling issue during testing


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Hi guys

Sorry but I might need some help on my testing. 
My server: parrot os
dns tunneling tool: iodine
I already have subdomain configured on godaddy, A record and ns record. I am using home broadband configured port forwarding for port 53 to the server in my network. 
Before i even touch on WAN testing, I ran the command iodined -c -f -p somepassword t.xxxxxx.xyz on the server
After which, it states listening on the terminal but when I went to the iodine test page it says error. On the server I did open another terminal command window to check netstat for 53 while the iodined is still running, I couldn't find anything listening to port 53. Any idea where I possibly did wrong?
i did telnet to the iodine server on port 53 from same computer in LAN it states connect failed.
i did nmap scan on the server for port 53 (nmap -sU -p 53 localhost) and result was UDP 53 open|Filtered.
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