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ScreenCrab recording and displaying video, but won't stream to C2

Aaron Outhier

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Ever since the upgrade to Version 3.0, my ScreenCrab hasn't been sending images to C2. The images display on my TV just fine, and a quick check of the SD card, shows screen captures at 10 second intervals, as configured. However, C2 says "waiting for video signal" on the configuration tab, and the loot tab says "no loot available".

I have already tried removing and re-adding the ScreenCrab in C2, as well as wiping the SD card, and reconfiguring config.txt from scratch and copying over the new device.config file. Anything else I can try??

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Anything in the audit or server errors logs?  I had a bad Key croc that was giving me a ton of "Internal error: bucket not found" errors.  All my other devices were working fine.



You can also set the DEBUG ON in the config.txt file.  That helped me figure out why my Screen crab was not connecting to my C2


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