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Wifi Pineapple Mark VII web interface problems


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So, I bought myself a Wifi Pineapple mark VII a few weeks ago and I finally tested it out. When I first set it up, I noticed something weird. For example in the dashboard It doesn't show me  the SSID's I've captured. It also doesn't show me anything but the wireless landscape. While being connected to my Wifi, it also won't load the news. But That's not my only issue. I decided to try the Campaign feature out. after I've set up my first Campaign it didn't show me it. I thought maybe it helps if I try again so I set up the same campaign with the same name as befor. While trying to finish it, It told me that a campaign with this name already exists. 


Does someone have an idea how I can fix this issue or has the same expirience as me? Please let me know. 



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Hmm, well this is kind of obvious and you probably did this already, but just in case: After disabling adblocker, refresh the page. you can also try clearing your browser cache. I might be barking up the wrong tree. Out of curiosity, what browser and OS are you using?

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Ok, It's probably the Pineapple. It may need to be factory reset. Something seems out of whack. Chrome is usually quite stable. That said, before you reset it, try again with a different browser. Either open the site in Edge, or grab a copy of Firefox, Opera, etc. You don't need to keep them or use them permanently. Just check if the behavior is the same or different there. If you have the same issues in a different browser, then reset the Pineapple.

I hope that helps.


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