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looking for an executable keylogger with fully undetectable by antivirus


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packaged one, be deployable to windows OS computers (windows 10), Apple MAC OS. 

It should be undetectable by most of antivirus, run in steal mode, able to capture general SMS, VOICE, Website surfing history, email sending, password, be unlimited computer license.

kindly suggest

thank you

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First, what you're asking is not simple, not if it has to be multiple platforms. Next, evading AV is a topic on it's own, and takes a lot of work.

So, what you're really asking is, if someone is going to feed you a 0-day backdoor used for spying on other people, capturing keystrokes and doing pretty bad sh*t ?
As others have pointed out, this is a legal forum, we can't assist you with this, as we have no way of knowing you're gonna use this legally.

If something like this is what you really want, get working on it in a lab, what you're asking is possible, but a lot of work. I would suggest you have a look at Python and it's win32 libs, and try to read a bit in "Grayhat Python", since there's a section in it, talking about custom backdoors with Python, so it's a place to start.

But, since you're mentioning SMS, it also sounds like you want something for phones, a kind of app. Depending on your target, go read up on Android / IOS development, and go from there 🙂

Happy Coding 🙂


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