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new owner, a few thoughts and how do most of you run it day to day (c2, ssh, dashboard)?


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Had the pineapple for a few weeks, I'm pretty sure its connected correctly lol.  I'm just wondering, it seems like the pineapple dashboard has more features as a GUI than c2, from the GUI perspective what do people prefer(going by the complaints i know there's a few GUIonly people here lol)? Don't really have any complaints so far except i kinda need that AC module to come up for sale or the only WiFi ill be hacking are the ones i build for some old school fun. Otherwise the initial setup wasn't that bad, i had c2 setup about a month and a half before the pineapple came but once it showed up i probably had it up in 30 min and I'm no genius in this stuff. I'm still getting the hang of it and looking at possibilities right now. I do feel like after having used both Recon doesn't look like it works for me reliably in c2 but does on the dashboard, strange, but as long as it works somewhere its cool. Hopefully someone will take the useful parts on the manuals for the previous generations and condense them into the manuals for this gen just to make it more usable because as far as operation im finding the most useful information in the manuals for the older nano and tetra but i know that takes time. All in all im pretty happy, i work in IT so its not my first time buying something expensive with only a middling sense of how to use it lol.

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