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Customer Service Unhelpful - Jamie


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I am very very very disappointing in their customer service and here is why -

I purchased a WIFI pineapple in September. I didn't know Hak5 uses UPS using Surepost to ship their product. Not sure if anyone had any experience with Surepost but what UPS does is hand it off to USPS. My USPS has been SUPER unreliable. They always deliver packages of my neighbors to me (which I always end up giving to my neigbors) by accident or deliver my packages to neighbors which I sometimes receive back from my neighbors. Well guess what happened this time? USPS shows they delivered the package but I never received in my mailbox. I even have camera footage of the date/time and to show Hak5 customer service that no USPS mailman was at the front door leaving the package as it says on the tracking info, date/time of delivery. I opened 2 incidents with USPS and they closed the case saying it must have been delivered incorrectly to the wrong address/unit.

What does Jamie the customer rep from Hak5 tell me? Their standard response:

"At this time, the warehouse does not accept claims on delivered packages. 

Before filing your lost claim, be sure that you've: 
- checked with your apartment manager, receptionist, or office
- checked with your neighbors
- Double checked that the address provided is correct: "

and I don't even live in an apartment......which I mentioned to this person prior to that response by the way.

Obviously I've done the above and gone beyond as a new customer of Hak5 but in the end all I got was "As this was marked as delivered, we cannot take further action without a lost ruling from the carrier.  I'm sorry about that!"

They didn't even at least make a claim with UPS or offer any other solution. I had to wait 3months to get my money back from the bank with their investigation. Even they came to the conclusion that USPS had delivered possibly to wrong address but hak5 customer service still feels it was delivered. Doesn't matter who but it was delivered so nothing they can do.

Obviously I am not saying this is Hak5s fault completely as Hak5 isnt responsible for packages marked as "delivered" that have been undelivered and/or delivered to a wrong address. I think they should at least let people know that UPS is not the shipping method they are using but rather UPS with Surepost which means USPS as last mile carrier. USPS in my area is super unreliable. Had I known they were going to have USPS try to deliver my package as the last mile carrier, I would have gladly paid extra to ship with Fedex/UPS directly. Their lack of understanding to this and amount of time I had to spend sending them over 20 emails back and fourth to make my case plus talking to the bank to file an investigation was just ridiculous for a $99 product. I even offered to provide video camera footage with the date/time of supposed deliver to my front door that shows no mailman was even there to begin with. Wouldn't that warrant to raise this issue with hak5 warehouse as UPS insures with USPS when they ship via Surepost for deliveries made to wrong address/lost packages. Only the end customer cannot file for insurance.

So if you are ordering anything from Hak5, pay the extra fee to make sure you dont receive it via UPS Surepost otherwise you might be out of luck if the package gets delivered incorrectly to a different address by accident by the mailman and/or if its lost/stolen by the last mile carrier. UPS will say to talk to UPS and USPS will say to talk to UPS to see if they can make a claim. Hak5 customer service will just say "sorry you lost your money, we can't help you because USPS tracking shows it was delivered. Are you sure it isn't underneath your mailbox or your apartment manager doesnt have it?" when you don't even live in an apartment.

The least they could do is understand that I've made lot of effort to show that I did not receive what I paid for. Their delayed responses and the generic replies to my concern/emails just shows the questionable customer service.



a sad customer without their WIFI pineapple



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